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Could You Be an Author?

book-83126_1280At a recent networking event, I introduced myself as a writer to a business person who immediately raised an eyebrow and paused. Then he responded, “Yeah, I’m going to write my book soon. I’ve got a great idea that could help others make money faster and have more free time.”

When I asked him more about the book, he went on for five minutes and then paused in mid-sentence. “You wouldn’t steal my idea would you?”

I assured I wouldn’t and told him that he was the best person to write his book. I asked him when he would start writing, and he said, “Next week; I just have to find the time.”

A few minutes later I spoke with Mary. She confided that she had overcome some intense traumas and had many great stories about her life. “I could help others. Think I could write a good book.”

I asked her when she would start writing, and she looked at me with a sadness in her eyes revealing she probably would not.

I talked to John a month later and asked how the writing was going. “Oh, I’m going to start next week,” he said. I haven’t heard from Mary since but wish her the best in writing her book.

Could You Be?

The difference between the author and the wanna-be author is the difference between dreaming and doing. A number of hurdles can prevent the author-to-be from starting and completing the mission. I want to help John, Mary and others like you to manifest those writing dreams.

Fill in the Gaps

Need that nudge to write your book? Let me share a few secrets about how to get started. Check out my short article.

Although writing is a solo experience, writers need interaction to keep writing and stay on track. That’s why writing groups can be helpful, but are they good for you?

What most authors need is encouragement, feedback, a dedicated effort and consistent accountability.

Need Some Author Aid? 

Let me get you started on the road to become an independent published author.

These resources can help you today:

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  • Marketing services for authors

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