Easy Writer Pro

Writing/Publishing Software is Free for a Limited Time!

EasyWriterProTake advantage of the special offer on the software that helps you to write and publish your book. Easy Writer Pro is now available.

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Have you written your book and been wondering what to do next? Find out how to create, upload and market your book in our workshop or have us do that work for you.

Do you have a book in you? Have you been procrastinating on writing because you don’t want to go the publisher route and wait a year for publication?  The Kindle e-book process might be right for you.

Begin by acquiring the software and signing up for training. This opportunity iwon’t last. For Workshops Information, click here.



We run workshops on line.  Click here to see information on workshops.

What you learn in the workshop:

Book Creation
You will learn how to

  • Use the software to write your book
  • Upload your book into the software chapter by chapter
  • Format your pages
  • Create a table of contents
  • Enter links to other information
  • Build in marketing for other books and products
  • Change format tags for a more customized look

Submission to Amazon

You will learn how to

  • Set up your Kindle account
  • Add details to your submission for Amazon
  • Submit the book

Track Your Sales

Distribution to Other Sites

This part of the software allows you to submit your book to multiple other sites. Amazon may not be the only place you want to make your book available.

Promote Your Book

We will discuss some strategies and tactics to help market your book and invite you to our Easy Writer Pro marketing group that allows participants to help each other with the promotion.

Publishing Services

Some people just want to write the book and have us take care of the rest. Contact me for information about how we can take your work and publish it for you.

See Publish Your Book.

We also sell the software to publish independently of the workshops with on-line instruction.

Contact me for details.