Drew Becker

I left corporate America with honed writing, branding and marketing skills more than a decade ago. After holding positions at ABB, DuPont, AT&T, SHL Systemhouse and ICC-RTCI and consulting for companies such as Nortel and IBM, I began my own consulting.

During that time I wrote and published a book on my own. I went through the entire process from writing to printing to distributing  and sold nearly all 1000 copies I published.

Writing, publishing, marketing, distributing and selling these copies taught me a great deal about publishing before the e-book revolution began.

Since that time I formed a company that provides writing services, personal branding, video production and social media content creation and management.

I have been published in Business Leader, Carolina News Wire, Triangle Business Connections, ESP, The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News and posted numerous entries in various blogs.

As a coach I worked with writers and business people to help with writing, branding and marketing.

I have two parrots at home to keep my lovely wife and me busy when we are not working for clients.

Contact Me

Writers can contact me today at drewbecker11@gmail.com for help with writing, marketing and social media.

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