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One of the most important steps in writing for publication is editing. Others will see how your manuscript can be improved in ways you cannot, and they will see errors that you overlook. Here is a list of editors who can help with your work. If you use one of these editors, please let me know on a rating scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) what your experience has been.

Editor List

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Alice Osborn

Phone: (919) 971-9414
I’m currently looking for authors who have completed their novel and/or memoir and are ready to show their work to an editor after their work has been proofed.
My editing specialties include spirituality, sci-fi/fantasy, military and historical fiction.

Belea T. Keeney
My forte is developmental editing, helping authors with structure, story arc, characterization, and flow. I especially like working with horror, paranormals, fantasy, action-adventure, anything to do with horses, and romances. I work with new authors and those looking to self-publish.
Please use a clear subject line to contact me by email. I don’t want to delete something as spam by accident.

Cathy Downs
Non-fiction: news releases, feature stories, personal profile stories, business pieces (blog posts, newsletter articles). I work with entrepreneurs who need help with newsletter articles and communication professionals who need help with proofreading and editing.
I also enjoy proofreading. My attention to detail will greatly reduce typos in written material.

Daniel Kamin
Phone: 312-208-1291
Fiction of all kinds, but especially genre fiction; non-fiction of all varieties as well, with a focus on self-help.
Fantasy and Sci-fi are favorites of mine, and I would love to have the chance to edit a trope defying genre novel.

Elaine Klonicki
Phone: (919) 357-1168

I provide developmental and copy editing services for nonfiction authors. I especially enjoy evaluating manuscripts to determine their readiness for publication. I have a degree in psychology, a background in technical writing, and over 30 years of experience, including magazine writing and self-publishing. My particular interests include personal growth, family and close relationships, parenting, and memoir. I will review your work with a very careful eye and will help you improve your writing while still respecting your unique voice.

Emma K. Lyders
Phone: 713.705.5674
I like to work with business, memoir, fiction, young adult, non-fiction, academic
I’ve been editing for fifteen years, and have worked in different genres and for different industries (in the case of business editing/ writing). My clients have always come away with a higher quality book and pleased with the guidance I provide.

Jennifer Suarez
I edit non-fiction, specifically blog posts, press/media releases, website content, e-newsletters, marketing materials, letters and emails, and anything else you want checked before sending.
I am familiar with both Chicago and AP styles.

Laura Whittemore
Nonfiction topics such as: Nature studies, Self-help, Travel, Outdoor Recreation, Pets, Women’s studies
I offer both substantive and copy editing services and will help an author look at their work through fresh eyes.

Carol Gigliotti
Phone: 415-407-9747
I edit non-fiction and academic

Wendy Brunner
I edit both fiction and nonfiction but do love historical fiction/nonfiction.
In addition to copyediting, I enjoy developmental editing.

John H. Meyer
Phone: 910-392-5228
I enjoy editing fiction and non-fiction, with a preference for material that tells a story: memoir, history, travel or long-form journalism. I work with writers at any level, as long as they have an interesting story and are open to suggestions.
I normally work in MS-Word, using Track Changes. I’ll work hourly or on a flat rate, based on a word count or sample chapter, and will offer a test edit.

Jennifer Billock
Phone: 224-627-3288
I specialize in culinary and travel materials.

Louann Pope
My former career was in business, finance, and economics and I have a copyediting certification. I can copyedit a wide range of materials.

Deanna Mirsky
Phone: (617)965-4475
I like to work with technology; scholarly material; history; business; Judaica; art; literature; health; food
Proofreading, copyediting, line editing. I am also an indexer.

Deborah Heimann
My specialties are line editing and copyediting fiction and non-fiction. I want to work with confident and
passionate writers who seek collaboration in finessing the mechanics of their story.

Kelly Besecke
Nonfiction authors, organizations, scholars and students. All topics, especially culture, local interest,
creativity, music, art, spirituality, and personal growth.
Author of You Can’t Put God in a Box: Thoughtful Spirituality in a Rational Age (Oxford University Press, 2013)

Cassie Armstrong
I proofread, copyedit, and do manuscript evaluations.
I’ve edited books in the following areas: parenting, cultures, pets, crafts, textile arts,
culinary, business, spirituality, sports, history, and more.

Vicki Rosenzweig
Telephone: 646-721-4041
I like to work with people who are writing articles or books about their professional fields. I edit nonfiction.

Christina M. Frey
I work with both emerging and experienced authors to help shape and polish fiction (especially contemporary fiction, fantasy, paranormal, YA, sci-fi, literary fiction, and women’s fiction) and memoir.
Creativity excites me, as do new ways of looking at genre, content, and style. My goal is to promote strong writing and good storytelling while preserving each author’s unique voice.

Nicole Balant
Phone: (207) 319-9522
“Fixing editing since 1986”: I copyedit nonfiction, especially the humanities and social sciences. In-house training at a major publisher, an MS in technical writing, and many years of experience have made me comfortable working in almost any discipline.
I enjoy collaborating with authors to make their vision a reality.